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  1. 1. BRAZED JOINTS ARE STRONG: On non- ferrous metals and steels, the tensile strength of a properly made joint will often exceed that of the metals joined. On stainless steels, it is possible to develop a joint whose tensile strength is 130,000 pounds per square inch.
  2. 2. GOOD JOINT APPEARANCE: Brazed joints have a better appearance in comparison to welded joints.
  3. 3. BRAZED JOINTS ARE DUCTILE: Brazed joints are able to withstand considerable shock and vibration.
  4. 4. BRAZED JOINTS ARE LEAK-PROOF: Properly, made braze joints are leak-proof, making brazing a highly adopted method for joining copper pipes and tubes.
  5. 5. BRAZED JOINTS ARE EASILY AND RAPIDLY MADE: One can easily join assemblies that combine ferrous with nonferrous metals, and metals with widely varying melting points.
  6. 6. BRAZING IS ESSENTIALLY A ONE OPERATION PROCESS: There is seldom any need for grinding, filing or mechanical finishing after the joint is completed.
  7. 7. BRAZING IS PERFORMED AT RELATIVELY LOW TEMPERATURES: Low temperatures, reduces the possibility of warping, overheating or melting the base metals being joined.
  8. 8. BRAZING IS ECONOMICAL: The cost- per-joint compares quite favourably with joints made by other metal joining methods.
  9. 9. BRAZING IS HIGHLY ADAPTABLE TO AUTOMATED METHODS: The flexibility of the brazing process enables you to match your production techniques very closely to your production requirements.